Watershed Wood Designs
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I’ve been finding sawdust and shavings in my pockets since I was a child. 


My love of learning and adventure has led me on an extraordinary journey as a school teacher. 

My teaching path took me to Europe, Australia, the northern community of Tuktoyaktuk, and as far west as Whistler, BC. Each experience was an opportunity to watch and learn from artists who share their culture through their art. 


Eventually, I Followed The Sawdust Home

Walking in the woods with my father, as I did as a child, now my own son joins us. It was on one of these ventures that my watershed moment came. I realized that I have the deepest sense of peace when I am surrounded by nature and working with wood with my family. I knew then that I had to trust in myself, follow my passions and take a leap. And so it began. 

To this day my father helps me chose and mill the most incredible old growth trees. My sister helps sand and work the wood, and my mom continues to figuratively, and literally, dust me off.  This is our culture, that we share with you. I offer the beautiful story of each piece of wood. From our family to yours.

My name is Lori MacDonald, and I want to change the way you see wood, one board and bowl at a time.